Wild Hearts Final Boss Fights [Kill Just 1 Minute]

Wild Hearts has stunning visuals, wonderful music, and fun gameplay that will have you coming back. Learn how to win Wild Hearts final boss fights in this article.

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How to Defeat the Celestial Dragon Kemono?

Wild Hearts Final Boss Fights

Here’s a guide to help you conquer this challenging Wild Hearts Final Boss Battle :

When a player reaches the top of the Sacred Mountain in Wild Hearts, they will face the Dragon Kemono. This Kemono is very hard and different from the others you’ll face in the game. It has attacks that can kill in battle, so players should be ready for a tough fight. But just because you beat the Dragon Kemono, the game is not over.

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The players will then go down into the Sacred Mountain, where they will meet another Kemono that looks like a person. People think that these two boss fights are the last ones in the game fight in wild hearts. No matter which boss gives you the most trouble, you need a well-thought-out plan to beat the final boss.


In Wild Hearts, it’s important to know all of the Dragon Kemono’s moves before the Final Kemono fight. So you won’t be surprised if the Gigantic Snake-like Dragon uses one of its many moves. Here’s a quick list of the Dragon kimono’s moves in Wild Hearts:

  • Body Slam: This highly damaging move involves the Dragon Kemono rising in the air and crashing onto the floor, flattening its body. The attack covers a large area but stuns the Kemono for a few seconds.
  • Tail Whip: Another slam attack where the Dragon flips around and smashes its tail on the floor. It’s possible to dodge this attack by following the movement of the Kemono.
  • Sliding Attack: Similar to Body Slam, but in this attack, the Dragon Kemono hits its body on the ground and slides forward a certain length. It can take down around half of your health if not dodged in time.
  • Electric Fields: An area of effect attack that the Dragon Kemono occasionally uses. The Kemono will conjure up multiple electric fields in the battle arena during the move. Players who get caught in these will become paralyzed and take damage.
  • Seasonal Smash: One of Wild Hearts’ deadliest and coolest-looking attacks, let alone the final boss fight. The Dragon Kemono will rise in the air and raise its arms for a few seconds before crashing down on the ground. The season inside the arena will change when the Dragon makes contact with the floor. The Dragon Kemono will only perform the Seasonal Smash four times during the battle.
  • Fire Bombs: After you clear off the first season, the Kemono will begin using another move where it blows fire bombs from its mouth that briefly follow the player. This move is quite easy to dodge and is rarely used by the Dragon, so you don’t need to worry about it too much.
  • Fire Field: Similar to Electric Fields but with fire in them. This move variation will mostly be used in the final season of the battle.
  • Dragon Breath: This move only occurs during the final phase of the battle when the Dragon Kemono reaches its final form. It will breathe blue fire, creating multiple floating orbs that will follow and detonate near the player. These projectiles can be quick, so it’s important to dodge them on time.
  • Ice Shards: Another slam attack that only occurs during the final few seasons of the Dragon Kemono boss fight. The Dragon will slam the ground, creating a wave of ice shards in a straight line. Players only need to move away from the Dragon’s line of sight to avoid the attack.
  • After defeating Dragon Kemono, a cutscene follows. Suddenly, neon butterflies surround you, and you fall into the Sacred Mountain. As you get up, you see a black mist in the distance and head towards it to battle the Final Kemono, who wields a giant sword. Defeat Dragon Kemono, but the cutscene follows. Neon butterflies surround, causing a fall into Sacred Mountain. Black mist seen, head towards to battle Final Kemono wielding a giant sword.

Battle & Strategy

Our analysis shows that you can defeat the Human-shaped Warrior Kemono with the right strategy. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the final fight:

Wild Hearts Final Boss Fights
  • Gear: You can use the same gear you used for the Dragon Kemono, but consider switching out the Claw Blades for the Karakuri Katana or the Staff.

  • Battle Arena: The arena will be smaller than the one for the Dragon fight, but the final Kemono’s moves are predictable and can be avoided.

  • Attacks: Be aware that some of Kemono’s attacks are very fast and could surprise you. It will start teleporting as the battle progresses and will quickly attack whenever it teleports. You can use different Basic Karakuri to move around the arena and dodge at the right time.

  • Weak Points: Once you understand the final Kemono’s attack pattern, focus on hitting its weak points, as you did with the Dragon Kemono.

Remember that with the right plan and attitude. You can get through anything. Best of luck!

To improve your chances of winning, you need to know all of Kemono’s moves. Even though most of his strikes are easy to guess and avoid, you should still be aware of all of them. For example, the Triple Sword Slash can kill, the Aerial Slash can be confusing, and the Sword Swipe can cover a large area.

How To Defeat The Final Kemono In Wild Hearts?

After fighting Dragon Kemono, you may want to rejoice, but the cutscene will stop you. In the cutscene, neon butterflies will encircle the player again, breaking the earth and sending them into the Sacred Mountain.


Players will observe a dark mist at Sacred Mountain after the cutscene. Go to the Mist to fight the Final Kemono in Wild Hearts. After reaching the mist, another cutscene will reveal the last Kemono, a massive human-shaped monster with a sword.

Battle & Strategy To Defeat The Final Kemono

The bad news is that you won’t have any time to get ready for the fight. Before you face the last Kemono, you’ll only have a few seconds to rest. But on the bright side, the Warrior Kemono that looks like a person is much easier to make than the Dragon Kemono. So it’s likely that it won’t be hard to beat in battle.

You can use the same gear as you did against the Dragon Kemono, but you could change the Claw Blades for this fight. This fight can be won with either the Karakuri Katana or the Staff.

Compared to the Dragon fight, the fighting area will be very small. Still, the moves of the Final Kemono are easy to guess and can be easily dodged. But some of its strikes are pretty fast, which can make the player lose track of what’s going on. On top of that, as the fight goes on, the Kemono will eventually start teleporting.

After a Final Kemono teleports, a quick attack will always happen right away. So, keep your eyes open and make sure to roll and dodge at the right time. Different types of Basic Karakuri could also be used to jump around the field. Still, it won’t be hard to figure out how the final Kemono will attack. Once you know how he moves, it will be much easier to defeat him. Like when you fought Dragon Kemono, you should land measured hits and aim for his weak spots.

When you’re being bold, don’t get too greedy because moves like the Triple Sword Slash could kill you if you get caught in them. The best way to beat the Final Kemono is to go around him and hit from the sides or back. You’ll be fine as long as you’re not right in front of him. But when the Kemono starts teleporting, players will have to change their plans a bit.

During that sequence, you can spam dodge whenever the Kemono disappears into thin air. When he comes back, let him attack while you move to the side. Follow his moves by attacking quickly until he teleports again. If you keep doing this, you’ll finally be able to beat the Final Boss in Wild Hearts.

Moves To Defeat The Final boss Kemono

Triple Sword Slash: One of Kemono’s most common moves, he swings the sword twice and then stabs it into the ground with the last swing. After Boss Kemono’s last stab into the ground, a blast will come from where the player is standing. It’s easy to avoid the move. But if one of the strikes hits you, your health will deteriorate to a dangerous level.

Aerial Slash: In the Aerial Slash move, the Kemono will jump into the air and slash the ground with his sword. Because it’s challenging to keep track of the Kemono once he jumps up, even the best players can become confused by the move.

Sword Swipe: A simple move in which the Kemono just swipes his huge sword once in front of him. Since the swipe covers a lot of ground, try to stay away.

Ground Wave: The final Kemono will also sometimes use a Ground Wave attack. During the move, he will slide his sword across the floor, which will send a wave toward the player. Just move to the left or right before the wave gets to you.

Heavy Sword Attack: The giant sword took another single swing. Even though this one does a lot more damage and takes longer for the Kemono to charge up.

AoE Stun:A special move that the Kemono does in which he makes a glass box appear inside the field. After a few seconds, the box falls apart, hurting whatever is inside. If you see the Kemono summoning the box, you should stop fighting him and stay far away until the move is over.

Spin Attack: The Kemono will also turn around while holding his huge sword. If you are close to the Kemono, you can’t avoid the 360 attack. So, get out of there as soon as you see the Boss getting ready to turn around.


The whole list of How to beat the last boss in Wild Hearts in the best way. During the game, players will face many bosses, but the final fight is the hardest because they have to beat two Kemono in quick succession. But you can beat both of the Kemono who live on the Sacred Mountain if you have a good plan. Unlock all of the Achievements as you play, and remember that it will take a while to finish Wild Hearts. Without our help, you can’t do well. We’re glad you’re reading!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Wild Hearts:

Which platforms is Wild Hearts available on?

Wild Hearts is available on various platforms including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Can I customize the gameplay experience?

While the core gameplay mechanics remain consistent, Wild Hearts offers a variety of visually distinct levels and challenges to keep the experience engaging. However, extensive customization options are not a major focus of the game.

Can I replay levels to improve my performance?

Yes, you can replay levels to improve your score and performance. The game encourages replayability by providing ratings for each level based on your performance and offering rewards for achieving higher scores.

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