The Lost Treasure God Of War Ragnarok: Detailed Guide

God of War: Ragnarok has enthralled players with its richly detailed storyline and engaging sidequests. The Lost Treasure God Of War Ragnarok, and the focus of this article is to guide you through the process of completing it. we hope to offer diverse insights into this captivating quest.

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All The Lost Treasure God Of War Ragnarok

“Lost Treasure” is one of these interesting tasks. Let’s go on this side quest, which is full of exploring, to find the mysterious hints to hidden prize boxes.

The Lost Treasure God Of War Ragnarok

Embarking on The Lost Treasure Quest

Before beginning this quest, players need to ensure specific prerequisites are met:

  1. Complete “Forging Destiny.”
  2. Acquire the ‘Draupnir Spear.
  3. Complete “Weight of Chains” (Recommended)

To initiate the quest, travel to Dragon Beach to meet the spirit of Elder Wayfarer. His desire is to warn his son about the dangers of finding the treasure. The quest takes you to Alberich Hollow, a region of Svartalfheim, where you must use fireballs to destroy gold rocks and face various adversaries.

Meeting Ormstunga

Upon clearing the gold rocks and adversaries, Ormstunga, an upright lizard-like creature, appears as the boss of this quest. Beware of its elongating tongue, attack it continuously, and protect yourself using a shield. With a thoughtful strategy, Ormstunga is no match for your efforts.

Treasure Box I: Rewards

After you defeat Ormstunga, you will find the first Lost Treasure Box containing:

  1. Folkvangr Whetstone
  2. +5000 Hacksilver
The Lost Treasure God Of War Ragnarok

Alberich Island and Locating Elder Wayfarer’s Son

Following the first part of the quest, you head towards Alberich Island in search of Elder Wayfarer’s son. This part of the adventure requires clearing paths, performing acrobatics, and using the elevator to reach the top of the island. Upon reaching the top, you discover the spirit of Elder Wayfarer’s son has already met his end.

Treasure Box II: Rewards

Navigate through crawling creatures and leverage Freya’s help to reach the second Lost Treasure Box. In this treasure, you will find:

  1. Jewel of Yggdrasil
  2. +30 Whispering Slab
  3. +45000 Hacksilver

Completing The Lost Treasure Quest

Finally, return to Elder Wayfarer’s spirit and inform him about his son’s fate. As a reward for your efforts, the favor will be completed:

  1. Kratos earns +3000 XP
  2. Freya earns +750 XP

Feel free to explore and revisit the islands even after the quest is complete, ensuring you haven’t missed any collectibles or hidden secrets.

By following this detailed walkthrough, we hope you successfully unravel the Lost Treasure quest in God of War Ragnarok, further enhancing your gameplay experience.

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Does The Lost Treasure play a significant role in the storyline?

Although specific plot details are sparse, it’s reasonable to surmise that The Lost Treasure, like other key items in the God of War series, will play an integral part in the storyline or character development.

Is The Lost Treasure connected to any of the characters in the game?

At this moment, it is uncertain whether The Lost Treasure will be linked to any characters. However, looking at previous God of War games, key items are often deeply intertwined with character arcs and histories.

Will the game include hints or clues about The Lost Treasure during gameplay?

The God of War series is known for its embedded clues and lore, so it is likely that players will encounter hints or riddles about The Lost Treasure during gameplay.

Will The Lost Treasure provide any special abilities or powers to the player?

Depending on the nature of The Lost Treasure, it could potentially provide special abilities or powers. In past games, key items often granted characters new skills or boosts.

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