The Desert Door God Of War Ragnarok Guide

Players may test out and complete Favours in God of War Ragnarok, an anticipated action-adventure game. The Desert Door is a Favour. It takes place in the intriguing Alfheim. This guide helps The Desert Door God Of War: Ragnarok

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How to Start The Desert Door God Of War Ragnarok

To start this quest, all you have to do is go to the place called “Forbidden Sands” and find one of the two key halves lying on the sand. They will be easy to find because they show up in blue rings with crystals in the desert.

The Desert Door God Of War Ragnarok

In the Forbidden Sands area, there are a lot of these blue forms. The ones without the key pieces still have important materials that can be used to make things. But before you can get things from these rings, you need to finish another Alfheim Favour called “Freyr’s Gift.”

Discovering The Desert Door: God Of War Ragnarok

The quest starts in The Forbidden Sands, which is just north of The Burrows. Players should do these things to move forward in the quest.:

The Desert Door God Of War Ragnarok
  1. Hookshot onto the tall rock, and bounce off to the left.
  2. Break through the wooden barrier ahead.
  3. Defeat the enemies in the area.
  4. Locate the blueish-gold door that requires two keys for unlocking.

The Quest for the Crystals

Players must first collect crystals to finish the Favour. Once you’ve found the door, head west on the map towards a big dark figure. Players have to:

  1. Acquire the blue crystal and place it near the statue.
  2. Find higher ground, then throw the Leviathan Axe at the glowing red branch thrice.
  3. Clear out the red blockage using a Sonic Arrow.
  4. Collect another blue crystal, then place it at the hub.

The Gravel Belly Boss Fight: God Of War Ragnarok

Upon opening the door, players will encounter the formidable Gravel Belly boss. In order to defeat it:

  1. Stay close to avoid its ranged attacks.
  2. Dodge its attacks liberally.

Victory against Gravel Belly will yield various pieces of Dragon loot, including Dragon Tooth and Dragon Claw. Although the quest concludes with no major discoveries beyond the door, players receive an ample sum of XP and a crossover favor, Freya’s Gift.

Finding The Desert Door Keys

The Desert Door God Of War Ragnarok

With the inscription deciphered, players can proceed to find the Alfheim Barren’s Key Halves:

  1. Head southwest and collect the first key half, located among various other items.
  2. Head east, then run over another pile of items to collect the second key half.
  3. Return north, near The Burrows, to where the locked door was previously located.
  4. Use both key halves to unlock the door.

Deciphering the Inscription

When both crystals are in place, the writing under the figure will begin to light up. After dealing with the bright runes, take the crystal on the right and put it below the bridge, where there is a hub.

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