How To Be a Taxi Driver in GTA 5 Online

Finding out How to Be a Taxi Driver in GTA 5 Online. Experience the rush of driving through Los Santos, picking up people, and making money. The information in this guide covers everything you need to know to start working as a taxi driver in GTA Online.

How To Be a Taxi Driver in GTA 5 Online

If you’re keen on being a taxi driver in GTA 5 Online, there are several steps you can follow.

Firstly, you need to visit the Downtown Cab Co., located in the East Vinewood area of the map. Enter the building by stepping on the yellow corona. Taxi Work is a Free Mode job featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the continuation of the Los Santos Drug Wars update.

Once you’re in, you can now work for the Downtown Cab Co. as a driver and start shipping passengers all over Los Santos. It’s important to note that reckless driving should be avoided, as your taxi can be damaged.

Fans of the main GTA 5 game will be familiar with the concept from previous installments, but it’s a fun and engaging way to make some extra money in the game.

Remember, every job in GTA 5 has its own challenges and rewards, so take your time to learn the ropes and enjoy the ride!


    Do I earn money as a taxi driver in GTA 5 Online?

    Yes, working as a taxi driver is a way to earn extra money in the game. The amount you earn varies depending on the distance you travel and the time it takes you.

    Can my taxi get damaged while driving passengers around?

    Yes, your taxi can get damaged if you drive recklessly or get involved in accidents. Try to drive carefully to avoid damage.

    Can I choose my own routes when driving passengers?

    The game usually provides a route for you to follow to your destination, but you can choose your own route if you prefer.

    What happens if I don’t drop off my passengers at their destination?

    If you fail to drop off your passengers at their designated location, you won’t receive payment for the job.

    Can I do other jobs while being a taxi driver in GTA 5 Online?

    Yes, you can participate in other activities and jobs in the game while also being a taxi driver. However, you can’t do other jobs simultaneously while you’re driving a passenger.

    Is there a limit to how many passengers I can take at once?

    As a taxi driver, you can only take one passenger at a time.

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