Spear Talisman Elden Ring Guide

Learn about the Spear Talisman Elden Ring. Find out how to get this strong charm, improve it, and use it correctly to beat your enemies in Elden Ring’s huge world. Visit today to learn more about strategies, tips, and methods!

What is the Spear Talisman?

The Spear Talisman is a unique item in the world of Elden Ring that increases thrusting weapon counterattack damage by 15%. This talisman, depicting a spear and a soldier, enhances the counterattacks that are unique to thrusting weapons. It’s a powerful tool that can significantly boost your combat skills, especially if your chosen weapon is a spear or any other thrusting weapon.

Elden Ring Spear Talisman Location

You can find the Spelldrake Talisman in different parts of the Elden Ring. It is a useful item that reduces magic damage by 13–20%. This talisman is particularly useful for tarnished adventurers battling against elite enemies or bosses that primarily cast sorceries.

One of these locations is the Siofra River Well. There, you can obtain the Spelldrake Talisman as well as the Clarifying Horn Charm.

Additionally, there are multiple versions of the Spelldrake Talisman, including the +1 and +2 versions. These upgraded versions offer even greater magic damage reduction, making them highly sought-after items for players seeking to enhance their defenses against magic attacks.

Remember, the world of Elden Ring is vast and full of mysteries. Stay curious, explore, and you might find more than just powerful talismans.

How to Use the Spear Talisman

The Spear Talisman is a powerful item in the Elden Ring that can augment your combat capabilities. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Equip the Spear Talisman: Go to your inventory and equip the Spear Talisman in one of your quick slots. You can do this by selecting the item and choosing the slot you want it in.
  2. Select the Spear Talisman In-Game: Once equipped, you can cycle through your quick slots in-game using the directional pad on your controller or the corresponding keys on your keyboard.
  3. Use the Spear Talisman: With the Spear Talisman selected, press the ‘use item’ button (this will vary depending on your control scheme) to activate it.

Remember, the Spear Talisman, like other talismans in the Elden Ring, has a set number of uses before it becomes depleted. However, it can be replenished by resting at a site of grace.

Please note that the specific control schemes may vary depending on the platform you’re playing Elden Ring on (PC, Xbox, PlayStation, etc.), so consult the game’s controls menu for exact details.


Can the Spear Talisman be replenished?

Yes, the Spear Talisman, like other talismans in Elden Ring, can be replenished by resting at a Site of Grace.

Does the Spear Talisman work with all weapons?

No, the Spear Talisman only enhances the counterattacks that are unique to thrusting weapons.

Are there specific builds recommended for the Spear Talisman?

Yes, the Faith Scythe Build, Confessor, and Prophet are some of the best builds for this talisman. The primary attribute for these builds is mind, with vigor and dexterity being secondary attributes.

Does the Spear Talisman have any visual effects in the game?

The Spear Talisman does not have any visual effects when activated. Its effect is directly applied to your character’s stats.

Can I find multiple spell Talismans in one playthrough?

In general, unique items like the Spear Talisman can only be found once per playthrough. However, subsequent playthroughs (New Game Plus, etc.) will allow you to find the item again.

Is the Spear Talisman effective against all enemies?

The effectiveness of the Spear Talisman depends on your timing and the enemy’s vulnerability to thrusting weapon counterattacks. It can be a powerful tool against enemies susceptible to these types of attacks.

Can the Spear Talisman be sold or traded?

Game mechanics for selling or trading items vary. Please consult the in-game guidelines or community forums for specific details.

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