How to Sell Property on GTA 5 Online [Easy Way]

Buying different properties in GTA 5 is a lot of work, but it’s also very satisfying. Sometimes, people want to sell their current property to buy an even fancier one, but they don’t know how to do it.

So, I’ll Show You the Simplified Way To Sell Property on GTA 5 Online.

Can You Sell Property In GTA V Online?

Yes, it is technically possible to sell property in GTA V Online, but there are certain limitations and it’s not as straightforward as you might think

Sell Property on GTA 5

There is no direct way to sell any property you own in GTA Online. The only way to get some money back from your properties is to ‘trade in’ when you buy a new building . If you acquire a less expensive property, some of the money from your expensive property being replaced is returned


However, to be able to sell property or perform a ‘trade in‘, you must replace it with another. The difference in value from trading a more expensive property for a cheaper one is then refunded

How to exchange property in GTA 5 Online?

Here’s how to exchange property in “Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 5 Online”:

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Go to Dynasty 8 Real Estate: You can do this by opening the internet app on the in-game phone and navigating to the ‘Money and Services’ tab

Choose the property to purchase: On the Dynasty 8 website, select ‘View Property Listings’ to see a list of available properties

Select your current property to exchange: Upon choosing the property you want to purchase, the website will close and a window of your already owned properties will appear. Select the property you want to exchange

How to sell property in GTA 5 Online without trading?

It’s important to note that you can’t directly sell properties in GTA 5 Online. The selling mechanism in the game works in a way that resembles “trading” more than selling, as you can’t sell a property without acquiring a new one

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The closest workaround involves a property swap. In order to do this:

Go to the DYNASTY 8 website in the game
Sort properties by value, from low to high
Select the cheapest one, “Unit 124 Popular St” ($25,000) or any other cheaper property
Click the “Purchase Property” button

By doing this, you “sell” your current property by buying a new, cheaper one. This releases some equity and effectively gives you some money back, although not the full amount you originally paid for the property

Do remember that to use this workaround, you need to own at least six properties

How to sell garage in GTA 5 Online?

Unfortunately, you can’t directly sell a garage in GTA 5 Online, because the game doesn’t allow the selling of properties in the same manner as selling a car. However, you can trade your garage for a cheaper one and the difference in value will be given back to you

For this, you need to follow: How to sell property in GTA 5 Online Without Trading

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Final Thoughts

That’s it for today’s update! Although you’re unable to sell properties outright in GTA V Online, should you reach your property limit, trading with other players is an option. We trust this brief guide will assist you in navigating these transactions.

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