How To Report Bugs In Counter-Strike 2

Learn how to report bugs in Counter-Strike 2 and contribute to its improvement!

When there are hundreds or even thousands of people taking part, it is impossible to prevent the occurrence of bugs. Your help in identifying and reporting these problems is very helpful to us as we work to improve the overall quality of the Counter-Strike 2 gameplay experience. This is your instruction manual on how to report bugs in CS 2.

How to Report Bugs in CS2

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On Twitter, the Counter-Strike 2 team has issued an official statement detailing the procedures that must be followed in order to submit a bug report.

The Limited Test Beta of Counter-Strike 2 is in full swing, and like all beta tests, encountering bugs is inevitable. As a player participating in this test, your role isn’t just about enjoying the gameplay but also helping improve the gaming experience for everyone. If you’ve encountered any glitches or bugs, here’s how you can report them to the developers:

  1. Send an email: Address your email to
  2. Craft your subject line: Start with ‘CS2LT Bug – ‘, then briefly describe the issue. For example, ‘CS2LT Bug – Mirage Lagging Spot’.
  3. Detail your issue: In the body of your email, explain the issue you’re experiencing in as much detail as possible. Be sure to include how often you’ve encountered the problem and any other relevant information.
  4. Attach a clip (if possible): If you’ve been able to capture a video of the bug in action, attach it to your email. This can help the developers better understand and address the issue.
  5. Double-check everything: Before sending your email, double-check the recipient’s email address and the details in your message.

Please note that while your feedback is greatly appreciated, you may not receive a response from the developers as this process is primarily for the limited beta test run.

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