How To Practice Smokes in CS2

Learn how to practice smoking in CS2 (Counter-Strike 2) with our comprehensive guide. Explore practice sessions, commands, and the impact of smoke mechanics on gameplay. Become a CS2 pro today!

How To Practice Smokes in CS2

Practicing smoke in Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) involves a couple of steps:

  1. Start a Practice Session: You can start a practice session by going to Play, Practice, Casual. Make sure to check all the option bars on the left, including the one for infinite ammo.
  2. Use Practice Commands: There are several commands you can use to aid your practice. For instance, entering “sv_cheats 1” allows you to use cheats to bypass certain game restrictions. Additionally, using “sv_infinite_ammo 1” gives you infinite ammo, and “give weapon smoke grenade” provides you with infinite smoke grenades.
  3. Experiment with Smokes: The mechanics of smoke in CS2 differ from those in previous versions of the game. For example, they no longer appear as a blob of smoke rotating randomly in one spot. Instead, they have been completely revamped, providing a more immersive and realistic experience. This means that practicing smokes in CS2 will involve a lot of trial and error to get used to the new mechanics.
  4. Understand the Impact of Smokes: In CS2, smokes can significantly impact gameplay. For instance, shooting through smoke or throwing grenades into a smoke cloud produces minimal effects in CS:GO. However, in CS2, the smoke effects have been enhanced.

So, to become proficient with smoke in CS2, it’s essential to spend time in practice sessions experimenting with different smoke grenade throws and understanding how they affect gameplay.


How do CS2 smokes work?

Smoke mechanics in Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) have evolved significantly from previous versions of the game. Unlike the static bubble that was prevalent in previous iterations, CS2 smokes are dynamic and interact with the surrounding environment.

Is CSGO 2 smoke realistic?

While the smoke mechanics in Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) are more dynamic and interactive than previous versions, they are not entirely realistic. The game has improved smoke physics to enhance gameplay, but it doesn’t perfectly mimic real-life smoke behavior.

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