Letest Minecraft Probably Chests Mod (2023)

Welcome to the world of minecraft, probably chests, a realm of boundless possibilities and thrilling surprises. Whether you are a seasoned adventurer or a casual Minecraft player, this mod offers a refreshing twist to your gaming experience.

What is Minecraft’s Probably Chests Mod?

Minecraft Probably Chests Mod injects a new wave of excitement into your Minecraft world by introducing a diverse array of chests, each packed with its own unique surprises and treasures. The mod infuses a sense of adventure and unpredictability into every exploration, making your Minecraft journey more exciting and rewarding.

Letest Secrets Minecraft Probably Chests

Minecraft Probably Chests Mod

The crux of Minecraft’s chests mod probably lies in its wide assortment of chests. You can discover these chests in various locations scattered across the Minecraft world, each offering a unique loot and an exclusive thrill of exploration.

Normal Chests

Normal chests can be found in caves and moderate temperature biomes. They house a broad range of items, from essential resources to valuable loot.

Lush Chests

These chests spawn in lush biomes, adding a dash of aesthetic appeal to your exploration. They often contain items that align with the lush surroundings.

Sandstone Chests

Located in hot and arid biomes, and dripstone caves, these chests offer unique loot complementary to the desert environment.

Molten Chests

Exclusively found in the Nether, these chests hold treasures that match the fiery nature of the dimension.

Deepslate Chests

Venture below y = 0 to find these chests amidst the deep and mysterious depths. They contain items suitable for underground exploration.

Gold Chests

These chests rarely show up below y = 0, but they offer great loot when they do. But by default, they are locked and need a special key to open.

Void Chests

These boxes hold amazing things that are hidden in the end dimensions. Like Gold Chests, they are locked and can only be opened with a certain key.

Ice Chests

These boxes can be found in the cold and icy biomes. When you find out what’s inside, you might find things that can help you deal with the frozen difficulties of those places.

Coral Chests

Submerged in the oceans and other water sources, these chests offer aquatic-themed loot, making them a delightful find for underwater explorers.

Interesting Additions: Pots and Mimics

Apart from chests, the mod also introduces pots scattered across various biomes and caves, offering different kinds of loot.

Mimics: A Thrilling Surprise

One of the most exhilarating aspects of Probably Chests is the presence of mimics. When you interact with a chest for the first time, there’s a chance that it could transform into a mimic. These mimics are formidable adversaries with high speed and strength. It is crucial to approach these chests with the utmost caution, as their attacks can be devastating. However, with the right items, you can tame a mimic and make it your loyal pet.

Host Your Own Minecraft Probably Chests Server

Why not share the thrill of Probably Chests adventure with your friends? Hosting your own server allows you to explore and experience the mod together. You can get pre-configured servers ready for you to jump in and start your thrilling journey.

Unlock the Hidden Treasures With Keys

To get the most out of Probably Chests, you need to understand how the keys work. There are five different kinds of keys:

  • Iron Keys: The iron locks on these chests can be opened with these keys.
  • Gold Keys: You can use these keys to open chests with gold locks.
  • Void Keys: With these keys, you can open chests with void locks.
  • Suspicious Keys: If you use them on a normal chest, they turn it into a secret mimic.
  • Friendly Keys: If you use them on a wild mimic or a chest, the chest becomes a friendly pet mimic.

The Rarity and Contents of Different Chest Types

As you travel through the Minecraft world, the chests you find will have different things in them depending on what kind they are. The most valuable items are found in Gold and Void chests, which are rare and hard to get. On the other hand, the things in other chests fit with their locations and themes.

Transform a Mimic Into Your Loyal Pet

You can turn a mimic or a regular chest into a loyal pet mimic with Probably Chests. You can make your own friend by using a friendly key on a wild mimic or a chest.

Pets that look like people have the storage capacity of a double chest and will follow you around and carry your things. Like taming a wolf, you can use meat to teach them to sit or heal..

Defeating Wild Mimics

Even though wild mimics are dangerous, they also drop items that can help you play better. Plan carefully if you want to interact with wild mimics. When a wild mimic is killed, it may drop valuable items, such as Mimic’s Eyes. You can use these eyes to make a Metal Key, which opens up a lot of possibilities in the mod.

Exploration Tips to Find Chests and Pots In Minecraft

Exploration is what Minecraft Probably Chests is all about. Here are some tips to help you find what you’re looking for:

  • Diverse Biomes: Certain biomes are more likely to have certain chests and pots.
  • Caves and Underground: When you go underground, there are chances to find hidden chests and pots.
  • Water Sources: Look for chests and pots that have sunk to the bottom of lakes, oceans, or rivers.
  • Nether and End Dimensions: Explore the Nether and End dimensions as well.

Installing Minecraft Probably Chests Mod

Follow these easy steps to get the Probably Chests mod set up so you can start your adventure:

  1. Install Fabric and Fabric API: Get the Fabric loader and Fabric API and install them.
  2. Download the Mod File: Get the Probably Chests mod file that works with your version of Minecraft.
  3. Copy the Mod Package: Go to the.minecraft/mods folder and copy the Probably Chests mod package into it.

Final Thoughts

With Minecraft Probably Chests, the world of Minecraft gets even more interesting and unpredictable. This mod makes every exploration more exciting and interesting. So put on your gear, install the mod, and get ready for an exciting adventure through the beautiful world of Probably Chests. Have fun traveling!

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