How to Kill Mahjoob In Diablo 4-updated for Season 1

To kill mahjoob In Diablo 4, read on to find out: Easy Steps to defeat Mahjoob in Diablo 4 Season 1 and many other things about Mahjoob. You may also be able find the location of Mahjoob in Diablo 4

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Where to find Mahjoob in Diablo 4 Season 1

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In Diablo 4 Season 1, you can find Mahjoob in the town of Westmarch. He is located in the northeastern part of the town, near the blacksmith’s building. Just look for the NPC with the name Mahjoob, and you should be able to interact with him.

How to defeat Mahjoob in Diablo 4 Season 1

To defeat Mahjoob in Diablo 4 Season 1, you need to do as much damage as possible during the windows when he does not have a red glow.

One strategy is to fetch the flower from the chest at the end of the room and hand it to him, transforming him into a skittering abomination and beginning the fight. It’s important to avoid standing in the green goo that Mahjoob throws out, as it deals damage over time. Additionally, players should watch out for the purple goo that he spits out, which silences and damages the player.

There is also a need to prevent Mahjoob from healing during the fight. To do this, players need to focus on dealing as much damage as possible during the window when he does not have a red glow. This is when his healing abilities are not active. Players can also reduce his healing capability by inflicting him with a curse or using other abilities that reduce healing effects. Using powerful skills and assigning the right equipment and resources to the player character are also crucial elements in defeating this boss.

How to Stop Mahjoob from Healing in Diablo 4

To stop Mahjoob from healing in Diablo 4, it is crucial to prevent him from using his vampire ability. When Mahjoob is about to use this ability, you will hear a gong sound, and he will gain a red aura. Here are some strategies to stop him from healing:

  1. Deal damage during non-glow windows: Mahjoob can only heal when he has a red glow. During these windows, focus on dealing as much damage as possible to interrupt his healing and bring him down quickly.
  2. Use crowd control abilities: When Mahjoob has the red aura, which indicates he is about to use his vampire ability, you can use crowd control abilities to interrupt him and prevent the healing from occurring. Utilize your crowd control abilities and skills effectively to keep him from regaining health.
  3. Dodge his attacks: Avoiding Mahjoob’s attacks is also essential to preventing him from healing. Keep moving and maintain a safe distance whenever possible to evade his damaging abilities.

By employing these strategies, you can limit Mahjoob’s healing capabilities and improve your chances of defeating him in Diablo 4.

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