How To Upload Images To WWE 2K23 

Are you ready to take your WWE 2K23 experience to the next level? In this blog post, we’ll talk about how to upload images, which is an important part of the game. If you know how to Upload Images, you can do a lot of different things. For example, you can make your own custom fighter or stage. So, let’s get going!

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Easy Step To Upload Images To WWE 2k23

To Upload Images To WWE 2K23:

Step 1: Open the WWE 2K23 Website

Click here To Open WWE 2k Website

Upload Images To WWE 2K23 

Click on the ‘Sign in’ option at the top of the screen.

Upload Images To WWE 2K23 

Then, select the platform that you want.

  • You will need to access a screen where you can sign in to your PlayStation or Xbox account. Just follow the necessary steps to log in, and you’ll be ready.
  • Just keep in mind that you’ll need to give 2K limited access to your account to use this feature.
  • Once you’re finished, keep scrolling until you see the option for ‘Upload Images.’ Click on it, and you’re good to go!
  • Please choose the size you want and the photo you’d like to use, and then click on the ‘Upload now‘ button.
  • Before proceeding, you must accept the terms.
  • Use a square picture that is 512 pixels on each side.

Please ensure that images are JPG or PNG files that are less than 1MB

  • Once you have uploaded the image to the server, you must download it to your device or platform.
  • If you want to do this, go to the main menu. Then, look for ‘Online’ and click on it. Finally, select ‘Community Creations.’

Then, click on ‘Image Manager.’

  • The Image Manager has two sections: Local and Incoming. Local contains images that have already been downloaded. Incoming contains uploaded pictures that must be downloaded before being used in the game.

To download the image, choose the option that says A/X.

Once your picture has been shared, you can get it back in-game:

  • In WWE 2K23, go to the main page.
  • Click on the “Online” tab.
  • Choose “Community Creations.”
  • Choose “Image Manager.”
  • Under the “incoming” tab, you’ll see all the pictures you’ve shared.

Once you’ve submitted and downloaded your image, you can use it in creative ways all over WWE 2K23’s Creation Suite.

Remember, When you upload pictures to the server, ensure the box and ‘WWE 2K23’ are gray and chosen. If they’re not, your pictures might be uploaded to WWE 2K22 instead.


What kind of images can be uploaded to WWE 2k23?

You can upload images of various types including Face Photos, Logos, Championship images, and Show images. Each image type has a specific purpose in the game, and we recommend taking a moment to consider this before uploading.

How long does it take for an image to upload?

The time to upload can range from a few seconds to a couple of minutes, depending largely on your internet speed and the size of the image file. Your patience during this time, while not always easy, will surely be rewarded.

What happens after uploading the image?

Once uploaded, navigate to the ‘Community Creations’ and then to ‘Image Manager’ in your WWE 2K23 game. The uploaded image will appear there, ready to enhance your game experience.

Can I delete an image once it has been uploaded?

Yes, images can be deleted from the ‘Image Manager’ in your WWE 2K23 game. Remember, it’s okay to change your mind and take things at a pace comfortable for you.

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