How To Screenshot In Diablo 4

When you press the Print Screen button on your computer, you can take pictures of Diablo 4 (D4) on your PC. Find out how to take better screenshots and where the Screenshots folder is in diablo 4


How to Do screenshots in diablo 4

To take a screenshot in Diablo 4, follow these steps:

  • While in-game, press the Print Screen button on your keyboard. This is the default key binding for taking screenshots in Diablo 4
  • If you want to modify the key for taking screenshots, you can do so by navigating to the Controls tab from the Options menu

Please note that the Print Screen button might be labeled slightly differently depending on your keyboard (for example, it might be labeled as “PrtScn” or “Prt Scr“).

Where is the Screenshots folder in Diablo 4?

You can find your D4 images on your PC by going to your Documents folder and then to the Diablo 4 folder. The exact spot is shown below.

  • C:\Users\[Your-Name]\Documents\Diablo IV\Screenshots

How to Take Better Screenshots in diablo 4

  • Enable Fullscreen Mode: Turning the game on 100% will make the screenshots clearer. Simply change the display settings on the Graphics tab of the Options menu.
  • Zoom Into Your Character: You can zoom in once to get a better look at your figure if you want to take pictures of them in the open world. You can also get a better look at some of your class’s skills by zooming in.
  • Temporarily increase graphics settings: You may temporarily enhance graphical settings to get the finest in-game images. Go to the visuals tab under Options and choose Quality to boost your visuals.

How to hide the UI for 3D screenshots in Diablo 4

There are two methods to capture impressive screenshots of your Diablo 4 characters to share with friends.

The first one is quite straightforward. When immersed in the game, fully zoom into your character with your mouse scroll wheel. This method accentuates your character’s armor and weapons. You also have the ability to capture screenshots and even videos while using your character’s abilities and skills. Simply given, you just need to hit the screenshot button at the opportune moment.

However, if your intention is to showcase your characters as they look on the login screen or within the wardrobe, Diablo 4 currently doesn’t provide an option to hide the UI. If you choose to screenshot in these instances, be aware that your image will also display the UI overlay, which can detract from the overall appeal of your character showcase.

Though you can use the scroll wheel to zoom out and view your character in full on the login and wardrobe screens in Diablo 4, removing the UI for screenshots can still be an issue.

A reliable approach is to utilize image-editing software like Photoshop for cropping or removing the UI. The example below demonstrates how the wardrobe screenshot from above can be edited to eliminate the UI.

Does Diablo 4 feature a photo mode?

It’s strange that Diablo 4 doesn’t have a photo mode that lets you easily pose your characters and add filters or effects to make great screenshots.

It also doesn’t work with third-party photo modes that let you move the camera around, like Nvidia Ansel.

Blizzard Entertainment might still think about adding a photo mode to Diablo 4 or at least a way to hide the UI in the future.

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