How to Increase Strength in GTA 5 Online [Tips & Tricks]

If you are excited about learning how to increase strength in GTA 5, we are here to share all the information. Scroll down and come to know!

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Why Does Strength Matter In GTA 5?

In Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5), the player character’s strength is a crucial aspect of their performance throughout the game. It holds substantial value for several reasons:

How to Increase Strength in GTA 5
Melee Damage: A higher strength skill boosts the power of your character’s melee damage, particularly their punch damage. This capability can be handy in scenarios where you cannot or do not possess a firearm
Damage Absorption: A character with increased strength levels can absorb more incoming damage, effectively increasing their durability in combat
Climbing Speed: Strength also improves a character’s climbing speed, specifically the speed they climb ladders
Athletic Ability: High strength enhances an individual’s sporting ability, allowing them to perform better during in-game sports

Therefore, it’s worth investing time and effort in enhancing your character’s strength stat in GTA 5. Each character in the game has eight stats, including strength, that can be increased organically through in-game practice

How To Increase Strength In GTA 5 Online

To increase strength in Grand Theft Auto 5, you must engage in activities that require physical force and exertion. Here are some effective ways to increase your strength stat in the game:

GTA 5 Online
Engage in fights: Involving yourself in street fights and fist fights increases your strength stats. However, ensure you do so without attracting the attention of law enforcement
Peer-pressure missions and stealth kills: Participating in peer-pressure missions and killing people secretly are also effective
Engage in sports: Playing sports such as golf or tennis can aid in boosting your strength
Punching cars with a friend: Another quick way to boost strength is to punch cars with a friend in your game. Have your friend drive a car and meet you anywhere on the map. Begin punching the car

It’s important to note that increasing your strength stat provides certain benefits, such as:

  • Improving your hit damage and helping your character absorb incoming damage better
  • Speeding up climbing and increasing proficiency in sports
  • Enhancing the power of your punches and durability in combat

Remember, levelling up your strength skill in GTA 5 will make your character more resilient and capable in the game’s world.

How To Increase Strength In GTA Online Solo, With No Glitches

Increasing your strength in GTA Online Solo without using any glitches can be achieved in a few steps. The methods explained below are the most common ways to increase your strength statistics. Implementing these steps will allow you to gradually and steadily enhance your character’s strength.

Increase Strength in GTA 5
Physical Actions: One of the most straightforward methods is to engage in physical actions frequently. This generally involves punching pedestrians or engaging in melee fights with NPC characters. This method tends to be more time-consuming, but it’s easy to implement if you play the game regularly.
Challenging Jobs: Another recommended method is to engage yourself in challenging tasks or jobs around the map. For instance, heading over to the beach and initiating the capture mission ‘Beachin’ might give you an opportunity to increase your strength by running along the boardwalk and punching people
Participate in Sports: Participating in a few sports available around the game, such as golf or tennis, can also help increase your strength
Completing Missions: Completing missions typically allows you to increase your overall abilities, including strength. Look for missions that require physical actions or hand-to-hand combat to increase your strength faster.

Remember, patience is a virtue; increasing your strength stat in GTA Online requires consistent effort and time. Ensure to frequently perform physical activities and participate in missions involving combat, as these are the core methods to increase the player’s strength stat.

Your character’s strength skill can increase your tolerance to bullet damage, enhance physical performance, and improve climbing speeds, making it a valuable skill in the game


In GTA 5 Online, strengthen player skills through regular exercise, participation in challenging sports (e.g., tennis, golf), and engaging in physical combat. For quick results, fight with pedestrians and cops or participate in the Pier Pressure mission. Always ensure your health replenishes after taking damage.

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