How to Get to The Jungle God of War Ragnarok

Are you trying to Know How to Get to Jungle God of War Ragnarok? This guide provides all the necessary information to locate this secluded region of Vanaheim, which is crucial for those looking to achieve 100% completion.

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How to Get to the Jungle in God of War Ragnarok

  • Complete the Creatures of Prophecy main story mission, where Kratos and Freya journey to Vanaheim to free Freyr.
  • After completing the mission, return to Freyr’s Camp. A prompt to chase Helka, the camp’s resident dog, will begin the Scent of Survival Favour.
  • Follow Helka through the Western Barri Woods to a cliff overlooking a network of rivers.
  • Interact with the prompt near Helka to enter a new region in Vanaheim called The Crater.
  • Once in the Crater, ascend the ledge to the left of the Mystic Gateway into The Plains.
  • Head west, grappling across the gaps to reach the canyon’s opposite side.
  • Find a blocked-off ruin. grapple into a cave from the second path on the right, then grapple again to the left. Climb up to a ledge near the ruin.
  • In the ruin, locate a Celestial Altar. Interact with it to change the time to night, which will reveal the entrance to the Jungle.

Reaching the Jungle

  • From the ruin, move east and continue south. Follow the single path until you reach the canyon’s southernmost part in The Plains.
  • There are two dragon statues flanking a cave up ahead. Enter the cave.
  • Navigate through the cave until you encounter a gap. Shimmy and climb across the wall on the left to reach the other side.
  • Turn left and follow the path to enter the Jungle in God of War Ragnarok.

Now you know how to access the Jungle in God of War Ragnarok. For additional assistance in navigating the Nine Realms, explore our God of War Ragnarok guides hub for walkthroughs, collectibles, ravens, armor, shields, enchantments, and more.

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