How to Get The God Of Ear Valkyrie Armor Set

The Valkyrie Armour Set is a prized item in God of War. This amazing set boosts your powers and gives your gaming strength. You’ve arrived if you’re ready to tackle the challenges ahead and acquire this powerful armour. This tutorial explains How to get the god of war valkyrie armor Set and maximise its potential.

What is valkyrie armor Set?

The Valkyrie Armor set is one of the most formidable armor sets you can acquire in the “God of War” series, specifically God of War (2018). This set is renowned for its significant boosts to strength, defense, runic, vitality, and cooldown. Consequently, it contributes to providing Kratos with enhanced fighting abilities and higher resistance against enemy attacks.

god of war valkyrie armor

This epic armor set can only be obtained by defeating the Valkyries confined within the realms. The Valkyries are some of the toughest bosses in the game, and each piece of the set requires defeating a specific Valkyrie in a specific realm.

Even though it can be quite a challenge to obtain, the Valkyrie Armor set is well worth the effort due to the significant boost it provides to Kratos’s abilities

Get The God of War valkyrie armor Set

You can find the Valkyrie armour set by beating the Valkyries. This is one of the most powerful sets you can get in God of War. Each piece of the Valkyrie Armour set is in a different area. To get each piece, you have to beat a different Valkyrie.

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To find the first Valkyrie, you can go to Midgard and check the Hidden Odin rooms at Mason’s Finale, the Witches Cave Lower Level, the Foothills, or the Mountains.

You have to beat Valkyrie Hildr in Niflheim in order to get the Cuirass of the Valkyrie.

You can get the Gauntlets of the Valkyrie in Muspelheim by beating Valkyrie Gondul.

And finally, you have to beat Valkyrie Olrun in Alfheim to get the Waist Guard of the Valkyrie.

Even though the quest to get the Valkyrie set includes a number of boss fights against the powerful Valkyries, the prize is worth the trouble. Your strength, defence, runic, vitality, and rest will all get better.

How to Get Valkyrie Armor Upgrade Resources

To upgrade your Valkyrie Armor in God of War, you’ll need to acquire specific resources. The most difficult bosses in the game are the Valkyries, and defeating them is the only way to obtain these resources.

You’ll primarily need Asgardian Steel for upgrading, which drops from every Valkyrie you defeat. This resource, therefore, is crucial and can be farmed by defeating multiple Valkyries.

Additionally, you’d require Perfect Asgardian Steel for upgrading to the highest levels. This resource is more rare and can only be obtained from stronger Valkyries present in the hidden chambers of Odin.

You can also go to places like Muspelheim and Niflheim to find more loot to get the resources you need for the update. All of these items are very important for improving the Valkyrie armour, which is one of the strongest in the game.


Only the most committed and skilled players will be able to get the God of War Valkyrie Armour Set. By beating the powerful Valkyries and taking on the final task of the Valkyrie Queen, you’ll be able to get a famous set of armour that represents the power of the gods. So, get ready, work on your skills, and go on a trip that will test you. Those who deserve it can get the God of War Valkyrie Armour Set. May the gods help you on your journey!

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