How to Find Real Tyr God Of War Ragnarok 

When Tyr, the God of Justice and Honor, returns in God of War: Ragnarok, fans will recognize one of its most intriguing developments. His importance in the story and the search for him heighten the adventure.

Today, we’ll unravel the mystery of how to Find Real Tyr God Of War Ragnarok 

Why Did God of War Ragnarok Mask Odin as Tyr? Explained

In the game, Herculean hero Kratos and his son Atreus encounter a character they believe to be Tyr. Embroiled in unbelievable deceit, the figure turns out to be none other than Odin, the undisputed ruler of the Norse gods, in disguise. Odin’s trickery not only leaves Tyr in captivity but also aids his sinister plans to prevent Kratos and Atreus from starting Ragnarok. With the thrill amplified, it’s time for you to uncover Tyr’s hiding place and set him free.

How to Find Real Tyr God Of War Ragnarok

Please note that the following steps can only be taken after completing the main story of God of War: Ragnarok.

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Find Real Tyr: God Of War Ragnarok 

Upon defeating Odin, Atreus and Angrboda embark on their mission to save the remaining giants, while Kratos and Freya explore the Norse realms.

To locate Tyr, journey to Niflheim and head towards the area with the Raven chest and training facility. Proceed past this point, and a freshly available path will reveal itself. Mimir, the wisest of all beings, will even comment on the new passage.

Set foot on this mysterious route, which is connected to the Broken Prison Favor, and venture deep into the dilapidated prison. As you progress through various levels, you will encounter enemies to overcome and navigate through air vents using Kratos’ Draupnir Spear. It’s essential to follow the path down to the lowest level of the prison, where you’ll face more foes.

Upon defeating them, you’ll have the ability to control both spear platforms. Move them to the second level and work your way back to the top. Then, lower the first platform to access the blocked area on the lowest level of the prison.

Rescuing the Real Tyr: God Of War Ragnarok 

Once you’ve reached the restricted section on the lowest level, locate a prison cell containing an imposing figure pacing anxiously. Open the cell door and savor the satisfaction of discovering the real Tyr along with a covert conversation. Congratulations! You have thwarted Odin’s wicked schemes and saved the true God of War.

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Final Thoughts

Where to find God of War’s Tyr is more than just a guide to how to play the game; it’s also a look at how the story, puzzles, and mood of God of War: Ragnarok fit together. This trip will not only get you to Tyr, but it will also help you understand how deep the story is and how smart the game is.

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