All GTA 6 Vehicles List Updates

Our All GTA 6 Vehicles List Updates will help you stay ahead of the game. Find out about all the newest leaks and additions. Turn up the speed of your GTA 6 game!

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GTA 6: All Vehicles List

Here’s a list of vehicles that have been confirmed or leaked to be in Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6):

  1. Albany Alpha
  2. Gallivanter Baller
  3. Vapid Benson
  4. Bravado Bison
  5. Dinka Blista Compact
  6. Vapid Bobcat XL
  7. Brute Boxville
  8. Canis Seminole Frontier (SUVs)
  9. Declasse Burrito (Vans)
  10. Declasse Granger (SUVs)
  11. Declasse Moonbeam

In addition to these, a leak has suggested that players will likely be able to drive the following cars:

  1. 1980s Chrysler Lebaron Wagon
  2. Buick Skylark Sedan
  3. 2014-2020 Chevrolet Impala

These are only a few of the many vehicles that will be available in GTA 6. Grand Theft Auto 5 included a total of 227 vehicles, including real-world cars, boats, planes, and more. We can expect a similar or even larger number of vehicles in GTA 6.


Are there any confirmed SUVs and vans in GTA 6?

Yes, the Canis Seminole Frontier, Declasse Burrito, Declasse Granger, and Declasse Moonbeam are among the confirmed SUVs and vans.

Will GTA 6 feature real car brands?

While the game won’t feature real car brands, leakers have suggested that brands such as Buick, Cadillac, and Chevrolet will be cloned for the game.

Are there any specific cars that fans want or don’t want in GTA 6?

Fans have expressed a desire for the 2017 Ford GT to be included, while they believe that Rimac probably won’t make the game.

What kind of vehicle variety do fans want in GTA 6?

Fans have expressed a desire for a greater variety of daily drivers versus super cars.

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