GTA 5 Strip Club Location [Complete Guide]

According to the gaming commission, GTA 5 is a mature-rated (M) game that is suitable for players 18 and older. This rating arises due to the game’s depiction of violence, drug use, and infrequent nudity. Despite these mature elements, they contribute to the game’s world rather than detracting from it.

The mature content isn’t included merely for shock value but is integral to the storyline. One feature that is not suitable for all is the in-game Strip Club, typifying the game’s mature themes. This guide provides a walkthrough to help players explore the GTA 5 Strip Club location.

Strip Club In GTA 5

Strip clubs are venues where patrons can purchase drinks and engage in explicit activities. Performers, known as strippers, can be either men or women.

In Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5), however, all the strippers are female. Among the strip clubs in the game, only the “Vanilla Unicorn” is accessible to players. This name is a tribute to the renowned strip club chain, The Spearmint Rhino.

GTA 5 Strip Club Location

When comparing the names, one can notice the resemblance. Both consist of a flavor and a reference to a one-horned animal.

Surprisingly, GTA 5 has toned down the explicit content in comparison to its predecessors. Instead of focusing on provocative themes, the game developers opted for a more playful approach, integrating this aspect as an enjoyable side activity that generates in-game revenue.

GTA 5 skillfully incorporates the Vanilla Unicorn into the storyline and offers a rewarding minigame. This club-based activity promotes social connections, with failure resulting in the player’s ejection from the club, adding an element of embarrassment.

Location of Strip Club In GTA 5

In the vast open world of GTA 5, there is a single strip club where players can interact: the Vanilla Unicorn. Located near the Olympic Freeway on Elgin Avenue in Strawberry, the club is easily accessible from the beginning of the game.

To find the Vanilla Unicorn, look for the map marker shaped like a woman’s high-heeled shoe. Upon arriving at the location, the club’s distinctive color scheme makes it easy to spot.

The Vanilla Unicorn’s sign can be seen at the entrance, with vibrant purple neon lights highlighting the venue. Before entering, players must ensure they are unarmed by holstering any weapons. Otherwise, the bouncer at the entrance will refuse entry.

GTA 5 Strip Club: Interactions and Mini-games

GTA 5’s strip club, Vanilla Unicorn, offers more than just watching NPCs perform predetermined tasks; it is a lively and interactive environment. You can engage with the characters inside, participate in mini-games, and earn rewards when you win.

The club’s atmosphere is reminiscent of real-life strip clubs, where spending more money and keeping employees happy yields better rewards. Additionally, you can buy drinks at the bar for any character, but be mindful not to get too drunk, as this can lead to being thrown out.

The club’s main feature, similar to real-life strip clubs, is watching dancers on stage or enjoying private lap dances. Spending money and having a polished appearance can have a positive effect on your interactions. By pleasing the dancers, it is even possible to gain their phone numbers and increase their affection toward you.

Upon entering the club, you can immediately observe multiple dancers on center stage. As you get closer, a message appears in the top left corner, prompting you to “lean in” to get a better view. While this section is primarily for viewing, you can still throw money and commend the dancers, which may encourage them to like you more.

How To Win At A Lap Dance in gta 5

As an additional feature, there’s an option for private dances within the club, functioning as an engaging mini-game open to all players. However, note that dancers have the autonomy to decline an invitation for a private dance, typically based on their character’s appearance.

If the club’s dancers find your avatar appealing, you may occasionally enjoy a dance with more than one. The cost of a private lap dance is $40, following which the dancers will lead your character to a secluded section of the club.

Believe in yourself

This private area is restricted to your character and the selected dancer(s). The primary objective here is to please your dance partner. A ‘like’ meter is visible at the bottom left of your screen, indicating the dancer’s level of approval.

Several options are available during this dance. A ‘change view’ option enables you to switch between a first-person and a third-person perspective. Furthermore, you can engage with the dancer by either flirting or touching, which incrementally increases the ‘like’ meter.

Bouncer In The Club

Remember, there is a bouncer stationed at the club’s entrance, vigilantly observing your movements. Though not constantly alert, the bouncer can suddenly confront you if improper conduct is detected. Initial transgressions might receive a warning. However, persistent offensive behavior will result in your eviction from the premises.

If you succeed in filling out the ‘like’ meter, the dancer may provide her contact number. Once received, you can arrange a meeting for a date or engage in a side mission. After successful completion of a dance, there is the occasional possibility of inviting two dancers simultaneously, provided both hold a high regard for you.

The Strip Club As A Safe House

The Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club serves as a fascinating addition to the main storyline in GTA 5. It stands as one of the rare safehouses obtainable via mission progression, thus saving players from spending money to gain proprietorship. It’s interesting to note that once players assume control, the club’s internal dynamics shift.

How To Own Vanilla Unicorn

In a classic GTA turn of events, Trevor acquires the Vanilla Unicorn during the mission ‘Hang Ten’. This occurs while the in-game characters are devising a plan to rob the Union Depository.

Vanilla Unicorn

Trevor usually uses his cousin Floyd’s apartment as a safe haven. However, at a turning point during the ‘Hang Ten’ mission, we find out that Floyd’s wife is fed up with Trevor and demands he leave the residence. This escalates into a fierce confrontation, where Trevor emerges bloodied from the scene.

Trevor, though ousted, takes Wade on a subsequent journey to the strip club. Once inside the Vanilla Unicorn, he inquires about the manager’s room from one of the performers. Fast forward to Michael’s house, where he and Lester engage in a discussion unveiling Trevor’s new status as the club’s owner. Given Trevor’s fiery temperament and propensity for violence, it is rather sensible to infer that he adopted a strong-arm approach to gain ownership.

Perks Of Owning The Vanilla Unicorn In GTA 5

1. Unlimited Access

Owning the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club ensures full and unlimited access to the club without waiting in line or paying an entrance fee. Players can enjoy their time at the club while relaxing and spending leisure time.

2. Private Dances

When the player becomes the owner of the Vanilla Unicorn, they can enjoy unlimited private dances from the available strippers in the club at any time they want for free.

3. Safehouse

The club can be used as a safehouse in GTA 5, allowing players to save their progress within the game and change their clothes before heading out to Los Santos again.

4. Weekly Revenue

Owning the club has the added bonus of generating weekly income for the player. After purchasing the Vanilla Unicorn, it will regularly generate $5,000 in in-game cash per week, which can be used towards buying weapons, cars, properties, and other in-game items.

5. New Strippers

Once players own the Vanilla Unicorn, they can potentially allow new strippers to work there. When meeting certain requirements, this will lead to an increase in the attractiveness of the club.

6. Trevor’s Personal Parking Space

The Vanilla Unicorn comes with its own parking space for Trevor’s personal vehicle, ensuring that he always has a convenient place to leave his car.

7. Stashing Stolen Weapons and Vehicles

After certain events, the club provides a place where players can stash their stolen weapons and vehicles without worrying about losing them to the police.

8. Mission Base

The club functions as a base for certain missions that players can engage in throughout the game. Owning the club allows easy access to these specific missions, which adds to the overall gameplay experience.

9. Socializing with Friends

Players can visit the Vanilla Unicorn with friends in multiplayer mode, where they can communicate and socialize with other players in a relaxed and fun environment.

10. Unique Atmosphere

The eclectic and exotic environment of the Vanilla Unicorn offers an experience that’s hard to find elsewhere in the game. By owning the club, players can immerse themselves in the provocative and entertaining elements within the club whenever they please.

Other Missions

The club, which also serves as a safe house, is featured in several missions. Most notably, it plays a vital role in ‘The Hang Ten’ mission, which is directly linked to ‘The Big Score’, the game’s final and most ambitious heist. This underscores the club’s significance in the narrative.

The club named ‘Vanilla Unicorn’ lays the groundwork for the heist. Characters, including Lester, convene here to strategize and outline their plan.

Not only is the club integral to ‘Planning the Big Score,’ ‘Surveying the Big Score,’ and ‘The Big Score’ missions, it remains accessible to players throughout the campaign. Despite not appearing in other missions, its continual availability affirms its crucial role in the storyline.

Final Words

The Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club in GTA 5 is more than just a hangout spot for players. Integrated seamlessly into the main storyline, it has become an iconic and well-known location in the GTA universe. While not suitable for everyone, the interactions within the club are undoubtedly enjoyable.

To enhance the player’s experience, the club incorporates a private dance mechanic, making the dances and contact numbers feel earned. Acquiring the club is only possible through playing the campaign, and the workers’ behavior towards the characters changes after the player takes ownership, highlighting the game developers’ attention to detail.

As the Strip Club caters to mature audiences, it may be overwhelming for some players. However, the club remains an essential element of the game, and GTA 5 wouldn’t be the same without it.

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