All GTA 5 Gas Station Locations

You need to fill up your car with gas if you’ve ever played Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5), which takes place in the busy city of Los Santos. But since the open world is so big, it can be hard to find gas stores sometimes.

This guide will show you all the GTA 5 gas station locations you need to keep your car moving easily.

All Gas station locations GTA 5 Online

Here are some of the gas station locations in Grand Theft Auto V Online based on my findings:

  • Clinton Avenue, Downtown Vinewood: This location hosts a 24/7 supermarket.
  • E Mirror Drive, Mirror Park: Here you can find the Limited LTD Gasoline.
  • Corner of Senora Road and Route: Another gas station can be found here.
  • Downtown Vinewood and La Puerta, Los Santos, and on the Senora Freeway in Blaine County: Globe Oil gas stations are located in these areas.
  • Corner of Alhambra Drive and Marina Drive in Sandy: Sandy’s Gas Station is located here.
  • Niland Avenue: This location hosts a 24/7 supermarket.
  • Grand Senora Freeway: There’s a convenience store here.
  • Grapeseeds Main Street: You’ll find a gas station here.

How many gas stations are there in GTA 5 Online?

There are 19 gas station locations in Grand Theft Auto V Online.

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