God Of War Ragnarok Midgard Undiscovered-Detailed Guide

In this detailed guide, we will journey through the vast realm of Midgard in God of War Ragnarok, uncovering its many secrets and undiscovered locations.Get ready to embark on an exhilarating exploration like never before in God of War Ragnarok as we dive deep into the undiscovered corners of Midgard and uncover its hidden wonders.

All Odin Raven locations in Midgard in God of War Ragnarok

Starting out on the journey to find all of Odin’s ravens in Midgard is exciting and full of discoveries and accomplishments. In God of War Ragnarok 2023, you can find different Odin’s Ravens in the colorful world of Midgard. Adding a feeling of success to your gaming experience.

All Odin Raven locations in Midgard in God of War Ragnarok
  • Find a Guide to Odin’s Ravens
    • River Delta: In the northern part of the River Delta, near Pilgrim’s Landing, you can find an Odin’s Raven among the broken-down houses.
  • Foothills:
    • In the Foothills, you might see a rooster. After you’ve gone into the Foothills and through the Black Breath, this hard-to-find bird is waiting for you.
  • Lake of Nine:
    • This large area is where you can find one of Odin’s Ravens. Start looking for this particular bird in the King’s Grace sector.

Please keep in mind that these are just a few of the known places where Ravens can be found. They can be found all over Midgard. Their eerie green glow and clear sounds can help you find your way on this exciting quest. To make sure your search is complete, it might help to keep track of the places you’ve been.

All Midgard Collectibles in God of War Ragnarok: Midgard Undiscovered

God Of War Ragnarok Midgard Undiscovered

The Lake of Nine is a lake near Tyr’s Temple that is mostly frozen over. It is the largest part of the open world in God of War (2018). Even though it looks like something you’ve seen before, it has new problems to solve and things to collect. All of Midgard’s larger areas encircle the Lake of Nine.


Follow the main quest to get to the place near the King’s Grave. When you leave and get on your dog sled, head down toward Tyr’s Temple, but turn right.

You’ll eventually come to a ledge that you can jump over to get into a small cave. Get off your sled and walk in to find the Draugr Hole and a red box. You have to beat it to get its prize.


Head down from the King’s Grave to Tyr’s Temple, which is in the middle of the lake. When you get to the bottom of the hill, turn left toward the big metal gates. (If you’ve already shown it on the map, it’s right outside the Raider Hideout.)

Get off your sled and look at the door halfway up on your right. One of Odin’s Ravens will be hanging out near the springs. Get rid of it.


From the King’s Grave, sled down the ramp toward the Temple of Tyr. Before you hit the area where you can cross under the bridge, however, turn around and look back toward where you came from. You’ll spot some stairs.

Go up the steps. At the top, there is a dead person holding an Artifact. Take it.


Go down to Tyr’s Temple and turn right on your sled. On the ice, you’ll see a helmet smoking.

Look around the fire to find the Breastplate of Guiding Light armor piece, and read the lore on the right wing of the helmet to start or advance the “Guiding Light” side quest and get the “Tyr’s Helmet” Lore entry.


From the helmet of Tyr, steer your sled straight to the nearest realm gate, which has a big H for Helheim on it.

A Berserker’s Gravestone is stuck in the ice in front of the gate. If you use this, you’ll have to fight Fraekni The Zealous in a very tough way. As with any Gravestone, you should try it out once and come back if it’s too hard.


To get to Sindri’s shop, sled around the right side of the Lake of Nine. You can find another piece of Tyr’s figure on the other side of the wall behind Sindri.

You’ll see what looks like runes written on a gold band sticking out of the snow. Read them to get the “Tyr’s Left Bracer” story article and continue the “Guiding Light” quest. Get the Gauntlets of Guiding Light out of the ground and go on.


Continue going around Tyr’s Temple until you reach the southern side, near the frozen lightning bolt. If you stay close to the temple, you’ll find a dark spot in the ice.

Go inside on your sled and look up and to the left. On the ice, you will see one of Odin’s ravens dancing around. The bright green Raven is easy to find because the area is so dark.


Continue to the east of the Lake of Nine, near the frozen lightning bolt and the bridge.

Another part of Tyr’s figure will be sticking out of the snow. Dig a rune out of the snow for your ring and read it to advance the “Guiding Light” quest and get the “Tyr’s Spear” Lore entry.


Keep moving toward Tyr’s Temple and go under the bridge. On the north side, go past the lit-up cave that leads to a raider camp and hide in the “armpit” of the circular part of the temple.

You’ll see a cave with icicles all over it. At first, it might look like a prop. Break the ice and go inside to get a prize that was stolen.


Go under Tyr’s Temple’s bridge.

On the side of the building that faces the big gold circle, there is a raised platform. Climb up and take one of the stolen items from a dead person.


Ride your horse down the hill from the King’s Grave to Tyr’s Temple. When you get to the bottom, turn left and drive toward the big doors. The Raider’s Hideout is in a cave next to the doors.


Kill all the enemies in the hideout to start or move forward in the “Animal Instincts” side quest.


Kill everyone who is bad in the Raider Hideout.

When everything is safe, the Nornir Chest will be on the second floor. This is another brazier chest. To get the items inside, you’ll need to find and light all three.


To the left of the Chest is the first Brazier. Use your Blades and a Hex shot to burn down the plants that are blocking the Brazier. To light the Brazier, take one of the pyro bombs from the pot in the middle of the hideout and throw it at it.


Get another explosion by going to the pyrobomb pot. Look at the hole in the wall when you’re facing the Nornir Chest. To break the gold rock, throw the bomb at it. To light the brazier, get another bomb and throw it into the hole.


Get another fire bomb from the pot and turn around 180 degrees. Look left as you move forward. The brazier will be on top of a stone block, which is too far away for you to light with your Blades of Chaos. Make a chain of Hex sigils from the Brazier to the bottom of the pole. (Don’t forget that Hex arrows can be stacked to make the Sigil bigger.) If you throw the pyro bomb at the middle of the pillar, a chain reaction will happen that will light the brazer. This one is a little hard, and you might have to try it a few times.

Grab the items from the Nornir Chest now that all the braziers are lit.

8 Hidden Areas In God Of War Ragnarok

We will explore eight hidden areas that, while potentially overlooked, can offer rewarding experiences and emotional connections within the game.

Hidden Areas In God Of War Ragnarok
  1. The Forgotten Caverns

    • Located just off the Lake of Nine, the Forgotten Caverns harbor secrets waiting to be uncovered. Dock your boat and take the time to uncover the mysteries hidden in the shadows. By fully engaging in the treacherous landscape, you will find the comforting rewards of exploration and achievement.
  2. Council of Valkyries

    • A deeply moving and secret area, the Council of Valkyries is accessible from a hidden passageway within the Mason’s Channel. The solemn beauty of the chamber offers both a sense of awe and a connection to a long-forgotten past, providing a deeply human touch in a highly immersive world.
  3. Stone Falls

    • Accessible by boat, Stone Falls is nestled behind a waterfall and may be easily overlooked in your quest. However, taking the moment to carefully search the area will reveal a hidden realm, offering both challenge and satisfaction in overcoming the tests that await.
  4. Veithurgard Pass

    • A secluded area located behind a colossal, locked door, Veithurgard Pass holds a hidden, tranquil sanctuary. Although the entrance may be difficult to find, the rewards of discovering this peaceful oasis are a testament to both perseverance and the healing power of nature.
  5. The Light Elf Outpost

    • Floating above the Lake of Nine, the Light Elf Outpost offers a beautiful glimpse at Elven architecture. This hidden gem can be easily missed, but the serenity and charm of the area create a deeply satisfying sense of peace and accomplishment.
  6. Konunsgard

    • Accessed through an intricate series of quests, Konunsgard is a fortress shrouded in secrecy. The labyrinthine path required to reach this area offers a testament to the resilience and determination that unite us in challenging times.
  7. Fafnir’s Storeroom

    • Held within the belly of a sleeping dragon, Fafnir’s Storeroom grants access to untold treasures and challenges. The discovery of this hidden area serves as a reminder of the importance of courage, empathy, and perseverance.
  8. Isle of Death

    • The Isle of Death is an eerie yet fascinating island found along the coast of the Lake of Nine. This forsaken area requires a keen eye and determined spirit, but the rewards of exploration and curiosity are both poignant and uplifting.


In God of War Ragnarok, players go on an exciting adventure through the world of Midgard. In this eagerly awaited part, players will explore vast, strange places that haven’t been found yet. As players discover the secrets of this uncharted area, they will also face strong enemies and fight in epic battles. Overall, God of War Ragnarok is a fun and action-packed game set in parts of Midgard that have never been explored.

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