God of War Ragnarok Cheats & Secrets

Finding the right mix between knowing how to fight, how to solve tasks, and how the story is put together takes a unique set of skills. In this guide, you will learn about God of War: Ragnarok Cheats and Secrets

But Santa Monica Studio adds a special tool that gives players choices that make the game easier to play. Even though these aren’t cheat codes in the usual sense, they make a big difference in how well the game works.

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All God of War Ragnarok Cheats (Accessibility Options)

God of War: Ragnarok doesn’t have any trick codes, but Santa Monica Studio gives you a lot of Accessibility Options. Gamers who have found comfort in these choices might call them “cheats” in a general sense. Among these choices are:

God of War Ragnarok Cheats
  • Extended puzzle timing: This option lends players extra time for solving challenges, a particularly convenient feature for time-based Nornir Chest challenges.
  • Aim assist and lock-on: Struggling with setting your aim at your enemies? This feature makes aim-setting easier, doing away with the right analog stick’s need for accuracy.
  • Auto pick-up: Automatically picking up loot bypasses the arduous task of collecting every last bit by pressing ‘O’.
  • Stun grab enemies: When faced with a heap of enemies, this feature allows Kratos to grab enemies automatically once they’re stunned.
  • Reduced camera sway and shake: Offering a cleaner layout, you can disable camera sway and shake, keeping distractions at bay.
  • Easier button-mashing challenges: Simply hold the button to pass these challenges instead of pressing them repeatedly.

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Here are some additional secrets to enhance your gameplay experience:

God of War Ragnarok Cheats
  • Instant Health and Rage Regain: When you fight powerful enemies like Berserker, Vanadis, and Heimdall, your strength and rage might go down. A good plan is to go to any Mystic Gateway and deal with the door there instead of traveling. This quick move lets you heal and calm down right away.
  • Blocking the Unblockable: Some strikes in the game were once marked as “unblockable” with a red circle. The game gives you a chance to stop these attacks by using the “Valour” skill of Spartan Rage at the right time. This power moves the attack away and gives you more life.
  • More XP Gain: You can get more XP with an easy hack. During boss fights, don’t press R3 to use the finishing move. Instead, keep using a specific skill that gives you an XP boost after 15 or more uses.

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An Important Note

God of War Ragnarok does not have an official cheat mode yet, even though many people have asked for one. Since it’s only for platforms, Mod guides can’t be used to cheat in the game, which is more common in PC games. If Santa Monica Studio doesn’t make a PC version of Ragnarok, the cheat mods won’t work until then.

Even though these upgrades and “secrets” aren’t cheats in the traditional sense, using them well can make the game much more fun and even the odds in the tough world of God of War Ragnarok.

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