How To Get Mount Early In Diablo 4

To get Mounts, finish Mount: Donan’s Favor Quest in Diablo 4 (D4)’s Act IV. Read on to find out how to get Mount Early in Diablo 4 and a list of all the known mounts. You may also be able to get horse mounts right away.


How To Get Mount Early In Diablo 4

To get a mount early in Diablo 4, you’ll need to progress through the main game until you reach Act 4. There, you’ll come across a quest named Donan’s Favor. This quest is necessary to unlock the mount and occurs in Kyovashad.

You’ll be required to interact with a stable hand in Kyovashad and then hold a conversation with Donan in the Cathedral of Light, again located in Kyovashad. After this interaction, the mount should be made available.

It’s important to note that it isn’t possible to skip directly to this quest, and the first three acts of the game can be completed in any order. You’ll find breadcrumb quests leading you through the initial stages of the campaign, and they’ll be clearly marked in your quest log.

I hope this gives you a thorough understanding of how to get a mount early in Diablo 4. 🙂

How to Unlock the Basic Mount in Diablo 4

To unlock the basic mount in Diablo 4, you need to complete the “Donan’s Favor” quest, which becomes available at the beginning of Act 4. Before gaining access to Act 4 and this quest, players must complete Acts 1–3 in any order. After finishing Act 3, you will meet Donan in Act 4, and the mount quest will be listed under priority quests.

How To Get Mount Early In Diablo 4

Simply track the Mount Quest objective, and you will be directed to Kyovashad. When you complete the mission, you will unlock the basic mount.

How to Unlock the Light Bearer Mount in Diablo 4

To unlock the Light Bearer Mount in Diablo 4, you need to pre-order any version of the game, which includes the Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition, or Ultimate Edition. Pre-ordering any of these versions will grant you access to the Light Bearer Mount upon the game’s official launch. Once Diablo 4 is officially launched and the mount is added to your in-game account, you can find the mount ready for your character to use when you actually unlock mounts in the game.

Light Bearer Mount in Diablo 4

Please note that the Light Bearer Mount will be available as a part of the pre-order bonus regardless of the edition you choose.

How to Unlock the Temptation Mount in Diablo 4

As a true Diablo fan, you can showcase your support by purchasing either the Deluxe or Ultimate edition of the game. By doing so, you will receive the Temptation Mount, a visually striking demonic steed. Additionally, you’ll acquire the Hellbound Carapace mount armor set to enhance its appearance even further.

Temptation Mount in Diablo 4

This is possibly the most straightforward Diablo 4 mount unlock process to date. Simply pay an extra amount to obtain this exclusive reward. As expected, players are unlikely to receive this mount for free in the game. So, if its unique appearance appeals to you, it’s time to invest in your passion.

How to Unlock the Spectral Charger Mount in Diablo 4

Sure, based on the information provided, here’s how you can unlock the Spectral Charger Mount in Diablo 4:

Spectral Charger Mount in Diablo 4

The Spectral Charger Mount is one of the fascinating mounts in Diablo 4 due to its unique transparent skin. To unlock this mount, players need to progress the game and complete a Priority Quest: Mount Donan’s Favor after reaching Act 4.

Apart from that, you need to obtain a specific item called the Ghastly Reins. The Ghastly Reins reportedly drop from a Gathering Legion event in World Tier Four, but it is also suggested that the reins can be obtained during other world events.

Once you have obtained the Spectral Charger, you can equip it by visiting a stablemaster that is available in most settlements and cities. The stablemaster is marked on your map by the horse icon.

How to Unlock the Decaying Steed Mount in Diablo 4

Sure, based on the information from your search, here are the steps to unlock the Decaying Steed Mount in Diablo 4:

Decaying Steed Mount in Diablo 4

  • Unlock Mounts in Diablo 4: According to GINX Esports TV and MediaReferee, unlocking mounts in Diablo 4 is the first step. This can be done by completing a side quest in Act 4 called Donan’s Favor.
  • Obtain the Decaying Steed Mount: Once you’ve unlocked the ability to use mounts, you can now focus on obtaining the Decaying Steed Mount. The Decaying Steed Mount can be looted from Treasure Goblins in the game. The drop chance is extremely low, and these treasure goblins appear randomly.

Please note that, due to the rarity of this drop, a bit of luck is involved.

Keep this in mind, and you will be able to unlock the Decaying Steed Mount in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4: Bardings and Trophies Explained

Diablo 4, the highly anticipated action role-playing game from Blizzard, will introduce new gameplay mechanics, character classes, and items, ensuring an exciting experience for players. Among these new additions are Bardings and Trophies. Let’s dive into what these are and how they impact your gameplay experience in Diablo 4.


Bardings are customizable visual appearances for your mount in Diablo 4. These are pure cosmetic upgrades that don’t affect a mount’s stats. However, they do allow you to showcase your dedication and achievements in the game, as some Bardings can be earned only by completing specific tasks or reaching particular milestones.

How to Obtain Bardings

Bardings can be acquired through various means, such as:

  1. In-game achievements
  2. Completing dungeons
  3. Participating in special events
  4. Purchasing in the game’s store or marketplace
  5. Earning rewards in endgame content

Equipping Bardings

To equip a barding, approach the mount and access the barding menu:

  1. Open your inventory and find the mount you want to customize.
  2. Select the desired barding in your inventory.
  3. Apply the barding by right-clicking it; the visual appearance of your mount will change accordingly.
  4. If you want to remove a barding, open the mount customization menu and select “Remove Barding” or replace it with another one.

Remember, bardings don’t affect your mount’s abilities or stats, only their aesthetic appearance.


Trophies are in-game collectible items that you can earn by defeating powerful enemies, discovering hidden secrets, or completing challenging tasks. Trophies serve as proof of your accomplishments and can be displayed or equipped, providing various bonuses or exclusive visual effects.

How to Obtain Trophies

Trophies can be found through different means, including:

  1. Defeating challenging enemies or bosses
  2. Solving puzzling events in the world
  3. Discovering hidden secrets
  4. Earning rewards from different vendors
  5. Accomplishing specific milestones

Equipping Trophies

Equipping and displaying trophies is a simple process.

  • Open your inventory and find the trophy you wish to equip or display.
  • Right-click on the trophy and select the appropriate option to either equip it or display it at a dedicated place, such as your player’s home or a shared social area.
  • Equipped trophies can grant various bonuses, while displayed trophies may provide aesthetic pleasure or a sense of accomplishment.

Each trophy has its own unique attributes and effects, and depending on the rarity, it may yield exclusive rewards when equipped.


Thanks for reading this. We hope you had fun. You must have learned a lot about how mounts work in Diablo IV. As long as you follow the steps in our guide, you’ll quickly get the horse you want. Remember that this guide will always be up-to-date because more mounts will definitely be added in the future. Check it again every so often to see the most up-to-date information.

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