7 Fastest Plane In GTA 5 Online & GTA 5

In the high-stakes, high-speed world of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) and its online counterpart, the right vehicle can make all the difference between life and death—or at the very least, between success and failure.

Today, we’ll be unveiling the 7 fastest plane In GTA 5 you can acquire in this virtual realm, listed from the fastest to the seventh fastest, all based on their top speeds.

The 7 Fastest Planes In GTA 5 Online and GTA 5

In the high-stakes, high-speed world of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) and its online counterpart, the right vehicle can make all the difference between life and death—or at the very least, between success and failure. Today, we’ll be unveiling the fastest planes you can acquire in this virtual realm, listed from the fastest to the seventh fastest, all based on their top speeds.

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1. B-11 Strikeforce

B-11 Strikeforce GTA 5

The B-11 Strikeforce stands at an unrivaled top speed of approximately 220 mph. A military-grade aircraft, the Strikeforce is both pizza-cutting sharp and jet-fast, ensuring you rule the virtual skies.

Here is a table providing details on the P-996 Lazer in Grand Theft Auto 5:

NameB-11 Strikeforce
GameGrand Theft Auto 5 (and Online)
TypeMilitary Jet
ManufacturerWarstock Cache & Carry
AvailabilityAvailable in GTA Online only.
Capacity1 person
Added inAfter-hours update
Vehicle FeaturesArmed Vehicle, Custom Vehicle, Armed Aircraft, Weaponized Vehicle
Top Speed (Game Files)194.46 mph (313.00 km/h)
WeaponsMounted with a 30mm explosive cannon and homing missiles. It can also drop bombs.
Unique CharacteristicsThe aircraft is incredibly agile in the air, able to perform extreme maneuvers.

Please note that some of these details may change with future game updates.

2. Buckingham Pyro

Buckingham Pyro Fastest Plane In GTA 5

Coming in a close second, the Pyro flies the virtual skies at 220 mph. This two-seat cockpit plane offers powerful missiles besides its envy-inducing speed.

Sure, Here are the details for the Buckingham Pyro in GTA 5:

Vehicle ClassPlanes
Available fromWarstock Cache & Carry
Storage LocationHangar
ModificationsHangar Aircraft Workshop
SellCannot be sold
Max Number of same color2
Vehicle FeaturesArmed Vehicle, Verey Flare, Countermeasures, Vehicle Workshop
Capacity2 (pilot and co-pilot)
WeaponsMachine Guns, Homing Missiles
Top speed (mph)220
Top speed (km/h)~355
Brake Force0.3
Acceleration (0–60 MPH)Under 2 seconds

Please note that prices and specifications within the game might vary slightly based on different factors or due to modifications in game updates.

3. Hydra

Hydra gta 5

The Hydra is a stalwart in the GTA universe, steeped in gaming lore and flying high at a top speed of nearly 209 mph. The VTOL capabilities and explosive cannons make this jet a player’s favorite despite the high price tag.

Sure, here’s a table detailing the features of Hydra in GTA 5:

GameGrand Theft Auto V
TypeMilitary VTOL Jet
Capacity1 (Pilot)
Price$3,000,000 (GTA Online – Warstock Cache & Carry)
Speed209 knots
Available fromWarstock Cache & Carry
Vehicle FeaturesArmed Vehicle, VTOL Capability
WeaponsHoming Missiles, Cannon
LocationZancudo Military Base, Los Santos International Airport Hangar A17 (Story Mode)
Online AvailabilityYes
Heists UpdatePart of the Heists Update

Please note that the Hydra in GTA 5 is based on the British-designed Harrier Jump Jet. Its key feature is that it can hover vertically, like a helicopter and able to fly like a jet.

4. Rogue

Rogue GTA 5

If agility coupled with speed is what you seek, the Rogue is your plane, with a speed of 207 mph. Armed with homing missiles and explosive MGs, this light strike aircraft can give any opponent a run for their money.

Sure, here’s a table detailing some information about the Rogue vehicle in Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5):

Price$1,596,000–$2,128,000 (GTA Online)
Capacity2 (pilot and passenger)
ManufacturerWestern Company
Top Speed220.00 mph (354.06 km/h)
Purchase FromWarstock Cache & Carry
In-Game DescriptionWith a Rogue sitting in your hangar, you might just be the first casualty of your very own personal Vietnam. Offering explosive speed and agility, jump seats for your squad, and the kind of peerless offensive arsenal that’s normally reserved for apocalypse-averting secret agents, this is the rowdy, rip-snorting, all-action hero America needs.

5. LF-22 Starling

LF-22 Starling GTA 5

Adopt the speed of a shooting star with the LF-22 Starling at 205 mph. This plane is unique as it works with a rocket-boosted engine, offering interesting game dynamics.

LF-22 Starling
Vehicle ClassPlanes
Available FromWarstock Cache & Carry
Storage LocationHangar
ModificationsHangar aircraft workshop
Pegasus VehicleNo
Release DateAugust 29, 2017
FeaturesRocket Boost
Special AbilitiesCan land and take off on water
Capacity1 person
Appears in GameGrand Theft Auto V
VariantLF-22 Starling, with 7 different designs available
In-game Description“Who doesn’t know the LF-22 Starling? No, seriously, ask around. Nobody’s heard of it. Nobody knows it was designed by the same genius inventor who disappeared under suspicious circumstances. It definitely doesn’t share any similarities with an experimental Nazi plane from the 1940s. Buy it now – this is fresh off the sketch pad of a paranoid recluse, not some museum piece. Note: the personal modifications available at some hangars are even more dangerous than the original, if such a thing were possible.”

6. P-996 LAZER


The P-996 Lazer can cross the enormous GTA map in a blink of an eye at a speed of around 195 mph. Its lethal combination of machine guns and heat-seeking rockets makes it an absolute destructive force in the game.

Sure, here’s a table detailing the P-996 LAZER in Grand Theft Auto V:

Vehicle TypeMilitary Aircraft
Available FromFort Zancudo
PriceCannot be bought (Must be stolen)
Storage LocationHangar
SellCannot be sold
GTA OnlineYes
Capacity1 (Pilot)
Max Speed122.25 mph
Drive TrainN/A (Jet engine)
Mass / Weight8,000 KG
FeaturesArmed with explosive cannon and homing missiles

7. V-65 Molotok

V-65 Molotok GTA 5

Rounding out the list is the V-65 Molotok, with a speed of 195 mph. Give the nod to the Soviet era, as this plane boasts a simple design and allows controlled movements and quick escape in tight situations.

Here is a table detailing the V-65 Molotok in GTA 5:

Vehicle TypeMilitary Aircraft
ManufacturerVolatol Industries
Available atWarstock Cache and Carry
Price$4,788,000 (Trade price $3,600,000)
Capacity1 (Pilot)
EngineJet engine
Top Speed209.9 mph (337.8 km/h) approximate value
HandlingSleek, easy to control, good at sharp turns
ArmamentMachine guns (Dual nose-mounted) and heat-seeking missiles
UpgradesCountermeasures, armor, engine, and handling upgrades

Keep in mind that the V-65 Molotok is available in GTA 5’s Online mode only, under the Smuggler’s Run update.

Is the F160 faster than the Pyro GTA?

It’s difficult to definitively determine whether the F160 is faster than the Pyro in GTA. While several sources compare the two vehicles, none explicitly state which is faster. Further, a discussion on Reddit suggests that both vehicles are exceptionally fast. Therefore, it could be beneficial to check out these sources or potentially conduct a test in the game to precisely determine which vehicle is faster.

Is Raiju faster than Pyro?

It seems that the Raiju is faster than the Pyro.

Raiju appears to overtake the Pyro in terms of speed. One user stated that the Raiju beats the Pyro by 9.75 mph. Another source details that the top speed of a fully upgraded F-160 Raiju is 232.50 mph

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that the difference in speed might not necessarily mean one is overall better than the other. Speed, agility, ease-of-use and other factors could vary depending on the context, for example, in a dogfight

How fast is the slowest jet?

The slowest jet aircraft on record is the PZL M-15 Belphegor, with a speed of 110 knots (120 mph)

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