Elden Ring Weeping Evergaol-Detailed Guide

From Software and Bandai Namco Entertainment’s action role-playing game Elden Ring has swept the gaming industry by storm. Today, we’re going to take a close look at the Elden Ring Weeping Evergaol, which is one of its most interesting places.

You can find the Weeping Evergaol on the Weeping Peninsula, which is very far to the northwest. The Fourth Church of Marika is right next to this spot, making it an important symbol for players exploring the game’s huge and complicated world.

Where is the Weeping Evergaol?

The Weeping Evergaol is located in the western region of the Weeping Peninsula, just northeast of the Fourth Church of Marika in Elden Ring. To access it, a Stonesword key is required. It’s also noted that you will encounter an imp statue and a stone circle north of the Fourth Church of Marika that leads the way to the Weeping Evergaol.

Accessing Elden Ring Weeping Evergaol

Access to Weeping Evergaol requires a Stonesword Key, adding a layer of difficulty for players eager to explore every nook and cranny of Elden Ring’s expansive universe. As with many aspects of Elden Ring, it’s the challenge that makes the reward all the sweeter.

Encounters and Challenges

The Weeping Peninsula isn’t just about breathtaking scenery; it’s also home to various bosses that players will encounter on their journey. Among these is the Ancient Hero of Zamor, a formidable opponent located in the western part of the Weeping Peninsula.

This boss can be found inside the Weeping Evergaol, east of the Fourth Church of Marika. She’s incredibly agile and uses Frostbite, but she’s notably weak at magic. Successfully defeating her reward players with Radagon’s Eye.

Weeping Evergaol Experience

Evergaol is a unique location type in Elden Ring. The Weeping Evergaol, situated in the western region of the Weeping Peninsula, is just northeast of the Fourth Church of Marika. Evergaols provide a unique challenge and experience for players, making them must-visit locations for those seeking the full Elden Ring experience.


What do you get for beating the Weeping Evergaol?

Upon defeating the Ancient Hero of Zamor at the Weeping Evergaol in Elden Ring, you are rewarded with 5,400 Runes (Base NG) and Radagon’s Scarseal. Radagon’s Scarseal is a stat-boosting talisman, which can be a useful item for enhancing your character’s abilities in the game.


Elden Ring’s Weeping Evergaol is a testament to the game’s depth and intricate world-building. Its strategic location, challenging bosses, and unique gameplay mechanics make it a must-visit location for any serious player. So, grab your Stonesword Key and embark on an unforgettable adventure in Elden Ring’s Weeping Evergaol.

Remember, every challenge in Elden Ring is an opportunity for growth and discovery.

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