Diablo 4 Blighted Corpse Explosion Stack

In the dark and mystifying world of Diablo 4, players have been raving about one particular gameplay mechanic: the Blighted Corpse Explosion and its stacking properties. While there has been a lot of speculation and debate surrounding this feature, let’s delve deeper to understand its true potential.

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What is Blighted Corpse Explosion?

Blighted Corpse Explosion is a necromancer skill that causes corpses to explode, leaving behind a pool of blight that deals damage over time to enemies within its radius. The question among players, however, has been whether these effects can stack, thereby amplifying the damage dealt.

The Stacking Debate

According to discussions on the official Blizzard forum, the general consensus seems to be that Blighted Corpse Explosion can stack up to 5 pools. But the question still remains: can you add to this stack with Blight itself? This query has become a common thread in the Diablo 4 community, with no definitive answer provided as yet.

One Reddit user reported a noticeable increase in the rate at which high-level mobs were dying as they continued to use Blighted Corpse Explosion, suggesting that the damage does indeed stack.

Damage Bonuses and Strategy

Further information from Fextralife’s Diablo 4 Wiki suggests that Corpse Explosion deals increased damage to enemies that are slowed, stunned, or vulnerable, and these damage bonuses can also stack. This introduces an interesting strategic element to the game, where players can maximize their damage output by exploiting these statuses.

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From a gameplay strategy perspective, continuously stacking damage over time (DoTs) from a blighted corpse explosion can soften up monsters, giving the player an upper hand. Several guides even suggest builds that optimize the use of Corpse Explosion for optimal damage.

Debunking Myths and Future Fixes

A YouTube video by MacroBioBoi refutes the myth that Corpse Explosion can’t stack above 5, suggesting that this belief is clearly wrong. This highlights the need for players to experiment with the game mechanics themselves, rather than relying solely on hearsay.

On another note, it has been reported that there are plans for a future patch to fix a bug related to Corpse Explosion, which currently makes it difficult to see the player character when stacked.


While the stacking capabilities of Blighted Corpse Explosion still remain somewhat ambiguous, the general consensus among players seems to be that stacking does occur and can be a potent strategy when used correctly. However, mastering any game mechanic requires trial and error, as well as staying informed about patches and updates from the game developers.

In the end, the power of the Blighted Corpse Explosion lies in the hands of the player. So, fellow necromancers, harness this power wisely and let the blight spread!

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