Best Armor God of War Ragnarok [Early, Mid & End Game]

This God of War Ragnarok Best Armor guide will tell you about all the powerful sets of armor you can get at any point in the game.

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best armor: god of war ragnarok beginning

The best beginning Armor in God of War: Ragnarok is Helmet of Guiding Light

Best Armor God of War Ragnarok

Keep in mind, the best armor can completely change your approach to combat. The right choice can help you defeat tough enemies with special abilities

Choosing the right armor early on in God of War: Ragnarok can make your initial hours of gameplay much more enjoyable

The best things about the Helmet of Guiding Light

  • Defense: Having a higher general defense and taking less damage can make a big difference early in the game because it makes it easier to avoid enemy hits and stay alive longer in battle.
  • Durability: This piece of armor can be used for the whole game if the player wants to.

Helmet of Guiding Light: How to Get It

For players to get the Helmet of Guiding Light, they need to go to the Council of Valkyries in Asgard and finish the related task. As a prize for finishing the quest, players will be able to find the Helmet of Guiding Light.

best armor god of war ragnarok mid-game

The best mid-game armor in God of War: Ragnarok is Surtr’s Scorched Cuirass (Chest Armor).

best armor god of war ragnarok mid-game

It is an excellent option for players progressing through the game, providing a good balance between offense and defense. You can find this armor set as you navigate through the realm of Vanaheim

The best mid-game armor in God of War: Ragnarok is Lunda’s Armor, but you can also consider the Hunter’s Pauldron for a more ranged playstyle


  • 72 strength
  • 60 defense
  • 52 runic points

The Surtr’s Scorched Cuirass is the best chest armor for fire damage dealers who want to do the most damage possible with fire. Its skill, “Blazing Inferno,” makes fire strikes do more damage and makes you less likely to get burned. This set of armor is great for players who want to do more damage with fire and last longer in fights against enemies who use fire-based attacks.

The best things about the Surtr’s Scorched Cuirass (Chest Armor)

  • Maxes out fire damage
  • Gives resistance to burn
  • Great mix of power, defense, and runic points.

Surtr’s Scorched Cuirass (Chest Armor): How to Get It

Complete all of the Muspelheim Trials tasks and beat Surtr to get this.

best armor god of war ragnarok end game

One potential choice may be the ‘Dragon Scaled Set‘. This set was mentioned as a viable option even long into the end-game

best armor god of war ragnarok end game

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The best end-game armor in God of War: Ragnarok can vary based on player preferences, strategies, and the types of challenges they’re engaging with in the game. The armor sets in God of War Ragnarok provide different kinds of passive boosts and combat skills to Kratos


  • Strength and Runic are both raised.
  • Increases the amount of damage you can take from Burn, Frost, and Poison.
  • Low Perk chance to give Strength, Defense, and Runic a short-term boost.

In God of War Ragnarok, the Dragon Scaled Set is a strong set of armor. It gives you great protection from status effects and boosts your Strength and Runic stats. Its unique perk also gives important fighting stats a short-term boost. Due to the Dragon Scale perk’s low likelihood of activation but potential for activation by parries, this set is especially beneficial for players who value timing and well-timed parries.

The best things about the Dragon Scaled Set are:

  • Resistance to status effects: This set’s high resistance to Burn, Frost, and Poison makes it a great choice for players who want to reduce the effects of these harmful status effects in battle.
  • Unique perk: The Dragon Scale perk is a strong addition to this armor set. When it is activated, it gives a short-term boost to Strength, Defense, and Runic stats.
  • Strength and Runic are both improved a lot with the Dragon Scaled set. Strength and Runic are important stats for causing damage and using runic weapons.

Dragon Scaled Set: How to Get It

Players must first get the four pieces of the armor set before they can get the dragon-scaled set.

You can find the gauntlets in Konunsgard, the chest plate in The Mason’s Channel, the waist guard in Stone Falls, and the boots in Veithurgard. In each of these places, players will have to beat strong enemies in order to get the armor pieces.

best armor god of war ragnarok ranked

In God of War: Ragnarok, the best armor varies a lot on how you play and where you are in the game. Here are three types of armor that can help you rank up.

Surtr’s armor Set

Over the years, Kratos has been shown in a number of games with different characters and sets of skills. But he’s always been an unbeatable powerhouse, even when he gets beat up once in a while. Surtr’s armor set shows this unstoppable force of nature perfectly, making it one of the best armors in the game.

This protection cuts down on the damage Kratos takes when he strikes and makes it easier for you to hurt them when they attack. This armor is great if you want to run through waves of enemies because it has very good stats. The way Kratos looks is a little bit out of character, but the result is worth it.

Steinbjorn armor Set

Wear Steinbjorn if you’re sick of monsters beating you up. This armor gives the biggest boost to your Defense stat out of all the armor, and it also does a great job of protecting you. When you take damage, each piece of armor gives you a small boost to your defense, which is a great comfort.

best armor god of war ragnarok ranked

The way this gear looks is also right for what it does. The armor is made of heavy, full-plate stones, and it feels very safe. Even though it’s not ideal to cover up Kratos’ godly muscles, at least this armor keeps his strong, unbending nature. The Steinbjorn armor is the best because it gives you a huge boost to your stats and has a great effect that goes well with it.

Fallen Stars armor Set

The Fallen Stars is similar to the Spiritual set in that it makes Kratos’s runic weapons and use of relics better. It’s protective because the chest piece lowers the damage you take when using those techniques. If you get hit while using a runic or relic attack, the rest of the armor will shorten the time it takes for the action to stop.

Fallen Stars armor Set

The combination of less damage and a shorter pause is great for players who prefer to use special moves instead of straight weapon fighting. The armor looks great too, with gold plates that look like stones set in a metal brace. The color really stands out, and the plates look and feel like they were made from a real star that fell from the sky.


In God of War: Ragnarok, the best armor depends on individual playstyles. Notable sets include Helmet of Guiding Light, Surtr’s Scorched Cuirass (Chest Armor)., Dragon Scaled Set,Surtr’s armor Set, and Steinbjorn armor Set. Ultimately, choosing the optimal armor depends on players’ personal strategies and how effectively they utilize specific combat abilities.

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