How to Get an Acid Lab in GTA 5 Online

How do I get an acid lab in GTA 5 Online? There are many ways to make idle income in GTA V Online as you play. One of these is running the Acid Lab business.

That’s why most players don’t mind the one-time fight to unlock it: it’s a great way to make money in the game without having to do much. However, you can’t just buy the Acid Lab from the dynamic menu like you can with most companies.

How To Get The Acid Lab in GTA 5 Online

The Acid Lab in GTA Online is attached to the MTL Brickade 6×6 truck. Follow these steps to unlock the Acid Lab:

Acid Lab in GTA 5


Complete the “First Dose” missions
Mark one of the three locations as a waypoint and go there to begin the Acid Lab setup mission
Interact with a yellow circle outside the building to trigger the raid
Steal the MTL Brickade 6×6 truck from the crashed freight train (This location will be indicated on the map) and deliver it to “The Freakshop” at Mirror Park.
Complete the “Setup: Acid Lab Equipment” mission given by Mutt.
Pay Mutt $750,000 to convert the MTL Brickade 6×6 vehicle into an Acid Lab.
Complete 10 Fooligan Jobs given by Dax

Alternatively, you can get the Acid Lab vehicle for $1,450,000 from the Warstock Cache & Carry in-game website for instant access to the Acid Lab business

How to earn money with the help of Acid Lab in GTA 5 Online

Sure, the Acid Lab in GTA Online is a business located in the rear of the Brickade 6×6 vehicle and stored inside “The Freakshop“, which you can use to source, manufacture, and sell Acid to earn income. Here’s how you can make money:

  • Purchase Supplies: Supplies are needed for the production of Acid. You can purchase these supplies either from Mutt by visiting the Acid Lab at the Brickade 6×6 or by calling him on the phone.
  • Completing Missions: Upon completion of certain missions, you will receive calls from specific characters for the next course of action. Following up on these missions could reward you with valuable in-game resources.
  • Sell Missions: Once the Acid is produced, you have to undertake Sell Missions to sell your product. These missions not only provide money but also contribute to the game’s progression.
  • Upgrade the Acid Lab: To earn even more money, you can upgrade your Acid Lab after completing ten Fooligan Jobs.

Remember, patience is the key to such business modules in the game, as production and selling take time, and the payoff comes gradually.

On a side note, there are video guides here to help you understand the process better:

Acid Lab bonuses in gta 5

The Acid Lab functions like any other business in the game, requiring a continuous supply of resources to passively generate income. Truck upgrades apply to the Acid Lab, but you can unlock Equipment Upgrades by completing ten Fooligan Jobs.

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Each supply for the Acid Lab costs GTA$60,000, and you need three resupplies for a full stock. However, investing GTA$250,000 in equipment upgrades increases the full supply sale value from GTA$237,500 to GTA$335,200. Additionally, selling in public sessions grants a high demand bonus, despite the risk of interference from other players.

Sell missions offer diverse gameplay experiences. The single drop ambush sell mission can be challenging, yet placing sticky bombs near undercover cop cars and equipping and un-equipping glasses to reduce the blinking wanted level by one star may ease the frustration. In the 5 drop mission, each location offers three stash options, but only one is hidden from undercover cops.

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Final Thoughts

Now you know how to get to the Acid Lab in GTA V. You can’t directly buy it, so the method is different from getting other businesses in the game. However, the one-time fight you have to make for it is well worth it. Remember that there are a lot of cheats you can use if you’re having trouble with GTA V. If you like Grand Theft Auto Online, Rockstar Games says there will be even more changes soon.

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